Hi, my name is Homar and I'm the creator/designer of Sortie! After 8 long years in a cubicle job, I decided to quit in February (2016) and pursue my passions: Art, design and games. For the past year and a half I have laid out the concept/design and gameplay for Sortie. As a fan of designer board and card games, I felt there was a need or at least an unfulfilled niche for a card shedding game that was fun, current and a little ridiculous :) I wanted to make sure above all else that Sortie was a fun and engaging experience. After plenty of play-testing sessions and tweaks it's great, but we can make it better.

Now I need your help to bring this game to the masses! By supporting the Kickstarter campaign you will help me to gauge the appeal of the game and provide the crucial feedback necessary to make this the best game it can be.

Thanks again for reading and I hope to bring you a fun and entertaining game that you can play and share with your friends.